bet356官网网址Xingyan Stone Products Co., Ltd. is located in Chongwu, Hui'an, Fujian, China. It now has three processing and production plants covering an area of nearly 100 acres. The company has won the national invention patent Feng Shui ball and other certificates. Xingyan is superior in stone culture design, processing and installation. With its unique business philosophy, it is constantly developing and innovating. It is the only domestic patent with Feng Shui and Feng Shui. Business. It has undertaken the supply of more than 200 large-scale projects at home and abroad, such as Azerbaijan Central Square, Tianjin Dagang Culture and Art Center, Jinmen Guningtou Memorial Square, Tianjin Jinwan Square, Tianjin Intermediate Court, and Jiangyou City Catholic Church in Sichuan Province.


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Fujian Hui'an Xingyan Stone Products Co., Ltd.


Address: Donghu Forest Farm Industrial Zone, Chongwu Town, Hui'an County

Building Materials (No. 2): Qianyu Industrial Zone, Chongwu Town, Hui'an County

Engraving (No. 3): Qianyu Industrial Zone, Chongwu Town, Hui'an County

Service Hotline:4009996988?